Aerial Refueling Training Area

The Hellenic Division has set specific Special Operations training areas withing the Hellenic Territory. Among these areas, one dedicated to Aerial Refueling with code name "BLUE 1". We encourage you to use this area as it lies outside of high civil traffic areas!

Special Operations Areas map
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Aerial Refueling training area "BLUE 1"

The training area "BLUE 1" is located above the Mediterranean Sea, west of Crete island and south of Peloponisos withing Hellenic Territory. The low civilian traffic and its big dimension makes it ideal for training in aerial refueling operations.

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Area code name "BLUE 1"
AIP area code name N/A
Horizontal area limits Along the Radial 295 of Paleochora VOR (PLH - 114.6) and 10 nautical miles to each side of it
Vertical area limits From FL150 to FL230
Intended purpose of the area Training in Aerial Refueling
Nearest Air Force Bases LGSA - Souda AFB, LGKL - Kalamata AFB, LGRX - Araxos AFB, LGAD - Andravida AFB
ATC unit juristiction LGGG_CTR - Athens Control, LGGG_FSS - Athens Flight Service Station, LGGG_M_CTR - "ΜΑΜΒΟ"